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Your Business Idea

You have a great business idea. It is genuine and innovative. You believe it will change the world. You now have to apply for funding. They ask you for tons of documents, procedures, market research, competition analysis, pricing policy, canvas model, risk mitigation, environmental impact, human resource capital, intellectual property, opex, capex, marketing strategy, sales plan.....

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An investor ready business plan is an essential document for any startup or innovation. If you are going to apply for funding capital to develop your idea, you need experienced business plan writers on your team.

We are the expert consultants that you need. Our professional business plan writing services give you access to:

1. Professional consultants and experts: that help you refine your business idea by creating a fully compliant application/business plan.

2. Financial analysts: that will enhance your estimates, assumptions and analysis to provide you sustainable projections that you could defend your project’s viability.

3. Researchers: that will perform diligent work to find all the evidence needed to support your hypothesis and your business plan by researching, gathering and analyzing data and information from various sources related to your market, industry, customers and suppliers.

4. Marketing experts: that will build an effective marketing strategy to show case how your business idea will reach, attract and persuade the consumers, through various marketing channels and an ideal marketing mix.

Why would you choose us?

We provide full service, from idea to submission. In our team we have seniors with cross functional expertise, international business education and proven business success in various business domains, like: software, biotechnology, healthcare, services and other.

  • Target market and sector analysis
  • Business objectives and USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Startup expenses and assets, including equipment
  • Overheads and fixed costs
  • Marketing strategy and budget
  • Funding requirements, loan collateral and cost of interest
  • Pay rates, revenue and cash flow projections
  • Sales forecasts in monthly intervals
  • Ongoing expenses
  • Growth projections and strategy.
  • We have over 5 years of tracked record working with FITR as external consultants and evaluators.
  • We have evaluated over 50 applications.
  • We have fully written many business funding projects for international investment hubs and domestic funds.

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